UFOs from Oak Island

Turning from the subject of UFO origin, we will now indulge in our last item of speculation as a purely intellectual exercise and rephrase the question: Did someone bury something on Oak Island that they did not want anyone to ever recover? as: Does Oak Island represent the hidden and well protected installation of a subaqueous entity frequently referred to as UFOs?

If we even scantily accept as possible the suggestions that extra-terrestrial vehicles manned by subaqueous entities come and go, to and from the earth, and use the bottom of the seas as their operating grounds or the suggestion that an underwater civilization exists in parallel with our own, we can easily imagine an intricate system of caverns beneath Oak Island functioning as a subterranean “outpost” or for that matter, the center for an extra-terrestrial operation.

William S. Crooker, The Oak Island Quest (Lancelot Press, 1978).

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