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The forest and the trees

I hope that fear-driven uncertainty about the future of publishing doesn’t distract us from the simple truth that we are trying to bring our stories to readers. In a candid conversation last week, a travel writer of considerable talent and experience told me that he may opt out of travel writing in a digital age. Perhaps this [...]
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“Make me want to go”

Each year I attend an event known as Canada’s Media Marketplace, where those of us who promote Canadian destinations meet with some of the best travel writers in the United States. Because I work with travel writers—and have even been one—I am often asked about the life. To the uninitiated travel writing seems so simple—writing a [...]
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Exposing ourselves through speed dating

I include this tourism column about Canada’s Media Marketplace as further insight into the blog interview with my travel writing friend, Steve Lorton. First published in The Northern View, April 9, 2008 Well, I’m off to Los Angles with a certain amount of dread. I hate business travel—and, probably for that reason, every trip I take somehow [...]
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Over Prairie Trails

A few years ago it so happened that my work—teaching school—kept me during the week in a small country town in the centre of one of the prairie provinces while my family—wife and little daughter—lived in the southern fringe of the great northern timber expanse, not very far from the western shore of a great [...]
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